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Verjus, Verjuice - 320ml

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Verjus (or Verjuice) - this finest quality artisan Verjus is made from semi-ripe and unfermented wine grapes by a small producer in the Dordogne region of France. As this verjuice is made from wine grapes it has the same acid base as wine so when added to food it matches well with any wine you serve.

Verjus is an ancient cooking ingredient that has seen a resurgence in popularity in recent years and is a staple in the kitchen of many chefs. Use as you would lemon juice or vinegar: to deglaze pans, vinaigrettes etc. to add a delicate flavour.

The name Verjus is derived from the French vert-jus meaning green juice. Verjuice is not simply the juice of unripe grapes: as it is made from the juice of semi-ripe, unfermented wine grapes, it has a distinct and delicate flavour that is unlike grape juice or vinegar and enhances the flavour of other ingredients. 



Product of France

Ingredients: green grape juice

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