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Hacienda Zorita IGP  Torta De Dehesa
Multiple Gold Award Winner, World Cheese Awards
Cabrales DOP Cream with Cider
Made with Spain's Most Famous Blue Cheese & Cider
Mahon, Semi-Curado (DOP Menorca) - 370g
Classic Spanish Cheese from Menorca
Manchego DOP (Aged, Anejo), 150g
Aged Manchego, with Subtle & Complex Flavours.
Mature Spanish Ewe's Milk Cheese - 250g
Mature Sheep's Milk Cheese - Firm Texture & Intense Flavour
Spanish Rosemary Ewe's Milk Cheese, (Mature, Curado ) - 220g
In essence Manchego, Coated in Rosemary to Add Subtle Flavour to The Cheese.
Oveja Black Garlic Cheese, Spanish
Matured Spanish Ewe's Milk Cheese with Black Garlic
Oveja Truffle Cheese
Ewe's Milk Cheese with Crushed Black Truffles
Queso Palancares DOP with Murcia Wine (220g)
Mature Goat's Milk Rind Washed Cheese from Spain
Black Truffle Acacia Honey - 120g
Italian black summer truffle combined with fine acacia honey
Dried Moscatel Grapes (Pasas de Malaga) - 200g
Moscatel Grapes Dried in the Late Summer Sun.
Dulce de Membrillo (Spanish Quince Paste), 8 Portions
In 8 Individually Wrapped Portions
Membrillo, Natural  (Spanish Quince Paste) - 400g
100% Natural: Simply Quince, Sugar & Lemon
Fig Mostarda, Italian Mustard Fruit
Whole Crystallised Figs Preserved in Mustard Syrup
Pajarero Spanish Figs
Tender small figs - great with cold meats and cheeses
Piment d'Espelette Jelly
From the Basque region of France. Perfect with Cheese, Pates or Foie Gras
Spanish Bittersweet Pickled Figs (Higos Agridulces, Fig Mostarda)
Whole Figs in Bitter/Sweet Mustard Syrup to Have with Cheese or Charcuterie
Spanish Apricot & Almond Wheel   (200g)
Slice & Enjoy with Cheese or Tapas
Spanish Date & Walnut Wheel   - 200g
Slice & Enjoy with Cheese or Tapas
Spanish Fig, Almond & Orange Wheel  - 200g
Enjoy with Cheese, Tapas & Charcuterie