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Christmas Cakes & Biscuits


Cakes, Panettone, Stollen and Biscuits for Christmas.
Limoncello Brutti ma Buoni Italian Biscuits
Classic Italian Almond & Hazelnut Biscuits Flavoured with Limoncello
Cigarrillo Biscuits
Thin, Crisp, Buttery Rolled Biscuits from Spain
Iced Gingerbread Hearts (Lebkuchen-style Biscuits from Poland)
Soft Gingerbread Biscuits With a Crisp Icing Coating
Torta de Aceite (Sweet Spanish Aniseed Biscuits)
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp, Sweet Biscuits with a hint of Aniseed
Crepe Dentelle Biscuits (pack of 24), Gavottes
Crisp Rolled Biscuits a Speciality of Brittany
Sapori Chocolate Cantuccini (Biscotti) - 250g
Italy's Favourite Brand of Cantuccini, In New Larger Bag!
Sapori Almond Cantuccini (Biscotti) from Tuscany - 250g
Italy's Favourite Brand of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini, New Larger Bag
Maraschini Almond & Cherry Biscuits
Light, Crumbly Italian Almond Biscuits with Cherry Filling
Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno Biscuits - 200g
Classic Crunchy Almondy Italian Biscuits, Individually Wrapped
Soft Amaretti Biscuits from Italy
Classic Soft Italian Almond Flavoured Biscuits
Soft Pistachio Amaretti Biscuits
Soft Italian Almond Flavoured Biscuits with Ground Pistachios
Lazzaroni Amaretti di Saronno in a Red Tin - 450g
Crunchy Italian Amaretti Biscuits In A Classic Red Tin
Amaretti Biscuits
Classic Crunchy Italian Almond Biscuits.
Mini Amaretti Biscuits (Amarettino, Ratafias) - 100g

Very Small Crunchy Italian Almond Biscuits - Perfect for Decorating Cakes & Desserts

Baci di Dama Biscuits from Italy
Made with Ground Almonds & Hazelnuts, Sandwiched with Chocolate.
Gullon Creme Cannella  (Spanish Cinnamon Biscuits) - 470g
Thin, Crisp, Buttery Cinnamon Biscuits from Spain