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Christmas Provisions

Lots of treats to keep in your pantry for Christmas but if you can't find what you are looking for do check our extensive full range of all year round goods.
Hollandaise Sauce, Crustarmor
Made in Brittany
Bearnaise Sauce, Crustarmor
Made in Brittany
Clement Faugier Chestnut Puree 439g (Puree de Marrons), Unsweetened
Natural Unsweetened Puree from France - Perfect for Chestnut Stuffing
Clement Faugier Whole Peeled & Cooked Chestnuts (Vacuum Packed) - 240g
No Added Water or Salt for a Perfect Fresh Texture
Clement Faugier Sweet Chestnut Puree (Creme de Marrons, Chestnut Spread)
Classic Sweet Chestnut Puree from France - Perfect for Desserts & Cakes
Iberico Pork Lard
From Premium Quality Iberico Pork
Pajarero Spanish Figs
Tender Small Figs - Great with Cold Meats & Cheeses
Venison Pate, Spanish
Rich & Delicate, Artisan Made
Partridge Pate, Spanish
Smooth, Lightly Gamey, Artisan-Made
Wild Boar Pate, Spanish
Smooth, Meaty with a Touch of Thyme. Artisan-Made
Salt Cod Fillet, Bacalao - 300g
Sustainably Sourced & Traceable Origin, Line Caught
Chunky Ploughman's Chutney (Epicure Sweet Pickle)
Perfect with Cheese, Cold Meats & Pies
Sticky Fig Chutney
Perfect with Cheese, Cold Meats & Pies & Pates
Spanish Tomato Marmalade, La Fageda
Perfect with Cheese
Classic Piccalilli, Epicure
Classic English Mustard & Vegetable Relish
Redcurrant & Juniper Jelly, Epicure
Rich, Fruity, Fragrant Jelly - Perfect with Cheeses or Roast Meats
Balsamic Jelly, Epicure
Perfect with Cheeses & Cold Meats or Adding Richness to Sauces & Gravy
Piment d'Espelette Jelly
From the Basque Region of France. Perfect with Cheese, Pates or Foie Gras
Oak Smoked Alioli, La Barca
Spanish Garlic Mayonnaise Made with Oak Smoked Olive Oil
Dill & Mustard Sauce (Epicure)
Perfect with Cooked or Smoked Salmon , Trout or Prawns
Cranberry Sauce (Epicure)
With Whole Cranberries
Limoncello Babas from Italy
Small Cakes Soaked in Limoncello Liqueur from Naples
Rum Babas from Italy
Small Cakes Soaked in Rum from Naples
Fabbri Amarena Wild Cherry Syrup - 560ml
Iconic Italian Brand for Morello Cherries since 1905
Grenadine Syrup (1 litre) from France
French Pomegranate Cordial for Drinks & Cocktails
Amaretti Biscuits
Classic Crunchy Italian Almond/Apricot Biscuits.
Mini Amaretti Biscuits (Amarettino, Ratafias) - 100g
Very Small Italian Amaretti Biscuits
El Barco Spanish Drinking Chocolate (500g)
Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate Powder with Cinnamon & Vanilla
Ibarra Mexican Hot Chocolate (540g, 19oz)
Simply Melt into Hot Milk or Water & Whisk for Authentic Frothy Mexican Hot Chocolate
Valor Chocolate a la Taza, 300g for Spanish Drinking Chocolate
Spain's Favourite Drinking Chocolate (Gluten Free)
San Pellegrino Cocktail - 4 bottles
Alcohol-Free Sparkling Italian Cocktail - Spiced, with Citrus & a Little Bitterness
SanBitter Rosso - 10 bottles
Alcohol-Free Sparkling Italian Aperitif. Enjoy as an Alternative to Campari
San Benedetto Ben's Bitter Rosso - 6 bottles
Alcohol-Free Sparkling Italian Aperitif
SanBitter Dry - 10 bottles
Alcohol-Free, Clear, Sparkling Italian Aperitif
Crodino - 10 bottles
From the Producer of Campari & Aperol but Non-Alcoholic!
Salted Marcona Almonds (150g) from Spain
The Very Finest Almonds from Spain
Oak Smoked Catalan Almonds - 150g
Superb Quality Naturally Oak-Smoked Crisp Spanish Almonds
Fumet Fish Stock with White Wine, El Navarrico - 480ml or 950ml
From: £3.95
Premium Quality, Completely Natural, from Spain - for Soup, Paella, Stews, Sauces
Italian Mandarin Orange Jam
Jam not Marmalade - made with Whole Mandarin Oranges