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Christmas Sweets & Chocolates

Mixed Chocolate Dragees from Italy (Davide Barbero)
Premium Chocolate Covered Hazeluts, Almonds, Coffee Beans, Rasisins & Orange Peel
Chocolate & Fig "Salami" from Italy
Artisan Sweet "Salami" with Figs, Dark Chocolate, Rum & Orange Zest.
Gianduia Chocolate Truffle "Salami" from Italy
Made With Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduia & Chips of Nougat
Dark & White Chocolate Figs from Calabria
Artisan Chocolate Figs from Calabria in Italy
Italian Chocolate Figs stuffed with Almonds
Italian Figs Stuffed with Almond & Covered in Thick Dark Chocolate!
Candied Figs in Chocolate  from Calabria
Artisan Candied Figs in Dark Chocolate from Calabria, Italy
Rabitos Royale Chocolate Truffle Figs - box of 9
Chocolate Coated & Brandy Truffle Filled Figs - Delicious!
Dark Chocolate Ginger
Bite-Size Pieces of Crystallised Ginger Dipped in Dark Chocolate
Assorted Turkish Delight
Made in Turkey
Rose & Lemon Turkish Delight
Made in Turkey
Italian Pistachio Chocolate Truffles
Family-Run Artisan Chocolate Company since 1885
Italian Pistachio Pralines
Dark Chocolates with Creamy Pistachio Filling from One of Italy's Finest Chocolatiers
Amatller Dark Chocolate Leaves with Flor de Sal in Tin
Premium Quality with a hint of Sea Salt from Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Amatller Milk Chocolate Leaves from Spain
Premium Quality from Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Amatllons - Caramelised Chocolate Marcona Almonds from Spain
Toasted & Caramelised Marcona Almonds in Thick Chocolate. Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Italian Chocolate Pralines, Caffarel
Large Selection of Italian Chocolate Pralines from one of Italy's Finest Chocolatiers
Cremini Chocolates, Caffarel
Gianduia Chocolate with a Layers of Hazelnut Cream. Made by One of Italy's Oldest Chocolatiers
Limoncello Chocolates, Caffarel
Made by Caffarel One of Italy's Oldest & Finest Chocolatiers
Caffarel Milk Chocolate Gianduia (Gianduja) Pralines
Melt in the mouth Italian Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines
Milk Chocolate Gianduia (Gianduja) Pralines 1kg, Vergani
Melt in the mouth Italian Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines
Mantecados y Polvorones 600g (Spanish Christmas Biscuits)
Classic Spanish Christmas Biscuits
Polvoron Tradicional 250g, La Estepena
Classic Spanish Christmas Biscuits
Figuritas Mazapan (Spanish Marzipan Shapes)
Classic Spanish Toasted Marzipan Sweets for Christmas
Pasteles de Mazapan 3kg (Spanish Marzipan Sweets)
Classic Spanish Marzipan Sweets for Christmas
Turron de Alicante  (Crunchy Spanish Nougat)
Crunchy Spanish Almond Nougat
Torta Turron de Alicante  - 200g
Superb Quality Crunchy Spanish Almond Nougat
Turron de Jijona IGP (Soft Spanish Nougat)
Superb quality soft Spanish almond nougat
Turron Yema Tostada from Spain
Superb Quality Spanish Almond Sweet with Burnt Sugar Top
Turron Chocolates (Bombon Corazon Turron) from Spain
Superb Quality Spanish Chocolates with a Soft Almond Nougat Filling
Vergani Sultano Chocolate Hazelnut Bar, 250g
Large Bar of Italian Milk Chocolate Gianduia with Whole Hazelnuts
Cracker Jack, Caramel Coated Popcorn & Peanuts - 3 Packs
The Iconic American Snack Since 1896