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Coffee & Tea

Our Italian coffees include some of the most popular brands in Italy: Kimbo, Segafredo and Lavazza. Plus pods for espresso machines and rigid espresso capsules.

We also have a finely ground coffee with cardamon from one of the Lebanon's premium coffee producers, Najaar, that is suitable for making Turkish or Middle Eastern style coffee. Plus a 100% Arabica coffee from Turkey for making Turkish Coffee.

To enjoy espresso at home we have a great value range of traditional stove-top Italian Moka pots plus those often elusive replacement seals and filters, as well as steel Moka pots for making espresso coffee on an induction hob.

Gunpowder Green Tea - 500g
Loose Leaf Green Tea from the Guangdong Province of China
Zhourat Lebnaniah Tea with Cinnamon
Relaxing Blend of Ginger, Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon Verbena & Camomile
Zhourat Shamia Tea
Fragrant Blend with Rose Petals, Lemon Verbena, Camomile & Mint
Mate Gourd & Bombilla Set
The Traditional Way to Drink Yerba Mate Tea
Kimbo Aroma Italiano Gusto Deciso Coffee - 250g
Stronger Flavour, Light Spice Notes & Intense Aroma
Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Coffee - 250g
Enjoy Full-Bodied, Flavourful Coffee Without Caffeine
Kimbo Coffee Espresso Napoletano - 250g
Classic, traditional Neapolitan dark roast for an intense and full bodied coffee
Kimbo Coffee Pods, Espresso Napoletano - Pack of 18
Classic Neapolitan Dark Roast Coffee for use with Espresso Machines
Kimbo Classico Coffee Beans - 1kg
Perfect Combination of Sweetness & Roundness
Kimbo Classico Coffee - 250g
Perfect combination of sweetness and roundness
Kimbo Coffee Macinato Fresco  - 250g
Medium-Roasted, Full-Bodied Coffee - Perfect Balance
Saicaf Classico Italian Coffee - 250g
Quality Coffee from Southern Italy - Distinctive Flavour & Creaminess.
Saicaf Gran Crema Italian Coffee - 250g
Quality Coffee from Southern Italy. Robust but Mellow & Producing Dense Cream
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee - 250g
100% Arabica - Sweet & Round Flavour with a Delicious Scent
Segafredo Decaffeinated Coffee - 250g (Deca Crem)
Naturally Decaffeinated Ground Coffee
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee Pods
18 Individual Pods for a Creamy Espresso with Intense Aroma
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee Beans - 1kg
100% Arabica - sweet and round flavour with a delicious scent
Segafredo Espresso Moka Coffee - 250g
Specially Ground for Use with a Stove Top Moka Pot
Segafredo Crema Ricca Coffee (250g)
Intense Medium Roast with a Complex Aroma & Hints of Spices & Dried Fruit.
Segafredo Intermezzo Coffee - 250g
Spicy, Full-Bodied Aroma & Excellent Richness
Segafredo Intermezzo Coffee Beans - 1kg
Spicy, full-bodied aroma and excellent richness