A selection of sweet treats for Easter if you are looking for something that isn't an Egg! For the full selection do take a look at the rest of our sweets and biscuits.

Italian Coffee Chocolate Dragees
Artisan made Dark Chocolates filled with Liquid Espresso Coffee
Mucci Tenerelli Almond & Hazelnut Chocolates
Famous Since 1894 - Artisan Made Italian Chocolate Almonds & Hazelnuts
Amatllons - Chocolate Marcona Almonds
Toasted & Caramelised Marcona Almonds in Thick Chocolate from Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier
Marc de Cava Chocolate Truffle Flowers,  Amatller
Premium Quality from Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Amatller Dark Chocolate Leaves with Flor de Sal
Premium Quality Chocolates with a hint of fine Sea Salt - from Barcelona's iconic chocolatier
Rabitos Royale Chocolate Truffle Figs - box of 9
Chocolate & Brandy Truffle filled Figs - delicious!
Rabitos Chocolate Salted Caramel Figs - box of 9
Salted Caramel Chocolate filled Figs - delicious!
Dark Chocolate Italian Figs stuffed with Almonds
Italian Figs Stuffed with an Almond & Smothered in Thick Dark Chocolate!
Sicilian Maravilha Chocolates with Toasted Pistachios, Almonds & Hazelnuts & Figs
Artisan Chocolates with Pistachios, Almonds, Hazelnuts & Figs
Caffarel Milk Chocolate Gianduia (Gianduja) Pralines
Melt in the mouth Italian Milk Chocolate & Hazelnut Pralines
Caffarellino Gianduia Filled Wafer Cone
Crisp Wafer Cone filled with Gianduia (Nutella-like)
Caffarel Crema Gianduia - Premium Quality Chocolate & Hazelnut Spread
Like Nutella? Then you will love this!
Pistachio Cream (Crema di Pistacchio di Bronte DOP, Pistachio Paste)
Made with Premium Quality Sicilian Green Bronte Pistachios
Soft Amaretti with Walnuts, Pistachios, Fig & Pear
Individually Wrapped in Colourful Paper
Tarta de Santiago (Spanish Almond Cake) - 600g
Famous Large Almond Cake from Galicia, Spain - serves 8-10
Orange Torta de Aceite (Spanish Biscuits)
Thin & crisp with a subtle orange flavour & caramelised finish
Torta de Aceite (Sweet Spanish Aniseed Biscuits) - pack of 6
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp Sweet Biscuits made with Olive Oil and a hint of Aniseed
Torta de Aceite with Almonds (Sweet Spanish Biscuits)
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp Sweet Biscuits with chopped Almonds & hint of Aniseed
Cremini Chocolates 150g
Italian Gianduia with a layer of Hazelnut Cream
Mini Apples in Caramel
Tiny Whole Apples with Stalks