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Fish & Seafood

Mussels Pot
Traditional Enamel Pot for Cooking & Serving Mussels
Fish Stock (Fumet) with White Wine, El Navarrico - 950ml
Premium quality, completely natural, from Spain - for soup, paella, stews, sauces
Arenkha Caviar (Avruga) - 55g
The Best Faux Caviar, Made with Smoked Herring
Spanish Angurinas (Gulas) with Garlic
Mock eel surimi
Case of Clams (Vongole) in Natural Juice - 12x130g
Save Over 10% Buying a Case of Clams
Salt Cod Fillet, Bacalao - 300g
Sustainably Sourced & Traceable Origin, Line Caught
Salt Cod Fillet 1kg (Sustainably Sourced), Bacalao
Sustainably sourced, traceable origins
Black Porcelain Pot of Gentleman's Relish (Patum Peperium)
Large Black Porcelain Pot with Gold Writing of Patum Peperium
Nostromo Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil - 3x80g
One of the most popular & best loved brands of tuna in Italy
Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil - 4x80g
The most popular brand of tuna in Italy - find out why!
Whole Cooked Octopus Tentacles (Patas Enteras de Pulpo Cocidas) - 450g
Simply cooked octopus legs in cooking juices
Octopus in Olive Oil (Pulpo), Albo
Genuine Octopus, NOT "Octopus Style" squid