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Fish & Seafood

Mussels Pot
Traditional Enamel Pot for Cooking & Serving Mussels
Fumet Fish Stock with White Wine, El Navarrico - 950ml
Premium Quality, Completely Natural, from Spain - for Soup, Paella, Stews, Sauces
Ortiz Fisherman's Stew (Spanish Marmitako)
Premium Quality Traditional Basque Fish Stew, Simply Heat & Serve
Arenkha Caviar (Avruga) - 55g
The Best Faux Caviar, Made with Smoked Herring
Arenkha Caviar (Avruga) - 120g
The Best Faux Caviar, Made with Smoked Herring
Salt Cod Fillet, Bacalao - 300g
Sustainably Sourced & Traceable Origin, Line Caught
Nostromo Yellowfin Tuna in Olive Oil - 3x80g
One of the most popular & best loved brands of tuna in Italy
Rio Mare Tuna in Olive Oil - 4x80g
The most popular brand of tuna in Italy - find out why!
Whole Cooked Octopus Tentacles (Patas Enteras de Pulpo Cocidas) - 450g
Simply cooked octopus legs in cooking juices
Octopus in Olive Oil (Pulpo), Albo
Genuine Octopus, NOT "Octopus Style" squid