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French Provisions

String of Espelette Peppers, AOC/PDO
From the Basque region of France.
Piment d'Espelette AOC/PDO (Espelette Pepper)
From the Basque region of France. DON’T BE TAKEN IN : if it doesn't have the AOC/PDO seal, it isn't Piment d’Espelette!
Piment d'Espelette Jelly
From the Basque region of France. Perfect with Cheese, Pates or Foie Gras
Piment d'Espelette Puree
From the Basque region of France. Use as you would mustard or stir into sauces.
Poivronade, Espelette Pepper Sauce
From the Basque region of France.
French Fish Soup (Soupe de Poissons) - 780g
Made to a Traditional Recipe from Brittany
Crab Bisque - 780g
Rich French Soup with Crab, White Wine & Cognac
Langoustine Bisque - 780g
Made in France with Cognac & White Wine
Coquillettes Pasta - 500g
France's Favourite Pasta Shape
Spaetzle Pasta
Classic Egg Rich Pasta from the Alsace
Croq'Vert Extra Fine Cornichons (Amora)
Extra Fine Pickled Gherkins from France
Dijon Mayonnaise (Amora)
From one France's Most Brands
Amora Dijon Mustard - 440g
Classic Mustard from one of France's Favourite Brands
Delouis French Wholegrain Mustard with Cider Vinegar, Organic
Premium Quality French Producer since 1885
Savora Mustard (11 Spices) from France - 385g
A French Favourite since 1899
Tarragon Mustard (Maille) from France
Delicately Flavoured with Tarragon. Perfect with Chicken & Fish