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Grains, Pulses, Beans & Cereals

Premium Quality Farro Perlato (Pearled) from Umbria - 500g
A delicious Italian ancient wheat grain often confused with spelt
Farro Perlato - 400g
Italian ancient wheat grain
Cooked Polenta Block - 500g
Cooked - Ready to Heat & Serve
Polenta Bramata (Cornmeal) - 1kg
For Baking Corn Breads, Muffins, Polenta Cakes and Slow-Cooked Polenta
Zuppa Rapida (Italian Soup Mix), Bartolini
Premium Quality Mix from Artisan Producer in Umbria
Borlotti Beans, Premium Quality  from Umbria - 500g
Premium quality dried beans from Umbria
Navarrico Large Spanish Butter Beans (Judion) - 660g
Simply the finest, melt-in-the-mouth, tender butter beans
Dried Spanish Butter Beans (Judion) - 1kg
Premium quality, thin-skinned, meltingly soft from Spain
Dried Spanish Arrocina Beans - 1kg
Very Small Haricot Beans, Premium Quality from Spain
Italian Cannellini Beans, Premium Quality - 500g
from an artisan producer in Umbria
Navarrico Haricot Beans (Alubias), Cooked - 660g
Large jar of premium quality cooked haricot beans
Navarrico Chickpeas with Spinach (700g)
A Tasty Meal or Side Dish In Moments
Navarrico White Beans with Vegetables (700g)
A Tasty Meal or Side Dish In Moments
Umbrian Chickpeas 500g  (Italian Ceci Umbri)
Premium quality from an artisan producer
Navarrico Chickpeas (Garbanzos), Cooked - 660g
Large jar of premium quality cooked chickpeas
Foul Medammas, Bajela - 400g (Fava, Broad Beans)
Middle Eastern Broad or Fava Bean
Mexican Pinto Beans (Bayos Enteros), La Costena - 540g
In a Lightly Spiced Sauce. Imported from Mexico