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Herb & Spice Mixes

Spice Infusing Bags, Pack of 4
Reusable Cotton Bags for Making Bouquet Garni
Old Bay Seasoning (170g)
An Favourite American Spice Mix Since 1939
Paella Seasoning Mix with Saffron - 3 Sachets
Classic Spanish Mix of Herbs, Spices & Saffron for Seasoning Paella.
Italian Herb & Spice Mix for Pasta - 100g
Simply Fry In Olive Oil & Toss Into Freshly Cooked Pasta
Italian Bruschetta Herb & Spice Mix - 100g
Fry in Olive Oil & Spread onto Toasted Bread
Italian Arrabbiata Herb & Spice Mix - 100g
Simply Fry in Olive Oil & Toss into Freshly Cooked Pasta
Falafel Spice (100g)
Aromatic Blend of Spices for Seasoning Falafel
Kabsah (Kabsa, Kebsah) Spice Mix - 90g
For Making the Middle Eastern Rice Dish Kabsa
Kibbeh (Kebbeh) Spice Mix - 100g
Spices & Rose Petal Mix for Seasoning Kibbeh
Zhoug (Zhug)
Traditional Middle Eastern Sauce with Corainder, Chilli & Aromatic Spices