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Chestnut Honey (Italian), Organic - 350g
Dark Amber & Treacly with an Earthy Nutty Aroma
Italian Raw Orange Blossom Honey, Organic - 350g
Pale yellow, delicate flavour with strong floral aroma
Italian Wild Flower Honey, Raw
Aroma & flavours from mountain meadows
Italian Acacia Honey, Raw
A very fine, delicately flavoured honey
Italian Lime Blossom Honey (Raw, Organic) - 350g
Aromatic with a rich lime flavour
Italian Eucalyptus Honey, Raw - 300g
Intense flavour and rich fragrance
Black Truffle Acacia Honey - 120g
Italian black summer truffle combined with fine acacia honey
Spanish Lavender Honey, Alemany
Light Amber Colour, Extraordinary Intensity of Lavender