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Wild Fennel Pollen 50g (Spice of Angels)
Only a tiny pinch is needed to season meats, fish, vegetable or desserts.
Balsamic Glaze or Cream, 250g or 500g
From: £3.55
Use for Marinating, Finishing or Dressing Fruits & Vegetables.
Truffle Balsamic Glaze or Cream (Crema di Balsamico Al Tartufo)
Use for Marinating, Finishing or Dressing Vegetables or Meat or Drizzle Over Cheese, Pizza, Eggs.
Fig Balsamic Glaze, Cream
Drizzle Over Cheese or Asparagus, Red Meat or Salads or Over Ice Cream.
Canadian Maple Syrup (Pure, Organic)
Superb Quality Organic Maple Syrup
Ginger Syrup
Perfect to Pour on Cakes, Pancakes etc. or Flavour Coffee & Cocktails
Rose Water 250ml or 500ml (Rosewater) for Cooking & Baking
From: £1.55
Authentic Middle Eastern Import
Tahini (Sesame Paste, Tahina) - 454g
Finest Quality from Lebanon. Made from 100% Sesame Seeds
Rose Petals, 30g (Edible for Cooking & Baking)
Edible Damask Rose Petals
Pink Rose Buds, 60g (Damask Rosebuds)
Edible for Cooking & Eating
Pink Peppercorns, pickled (115g)
Perfect for Sauces
Green Peppercorns in Brine - 115g
Soft Peppercorns, Perfect for Sauces
Iberico Pork Lard
From Premium Quality Iberico Pork
Fumet Fish Stock with White Wine, El Navarrico - 480ml or 950ml
From: £3.95
Premium Quality, Completely Natural, from Spain - for Soup, Paella, Stews, Sauces
Mutti Tomato Ketchup
Italy's Favourite Brand of Premium Quality Tomatoes
Rummo Basil Pasta Sauce (Sugo al Basilico)
Rich Italian Tomato Pasta Sauce with Genovese Basil PDO
Rummo Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce
Classic Pasta Sauce with Tomatoes, Peppers and Chilli
Rummo Vegetarian Bolognese Sauce
Classic Bolognese Sauce but with Soya Protein
Rummo Napoletana Pasta Sauce
Rich Italian Tomato and Vegetable Pasta Sauce
Mutti Tomato Pulp (Polpa) - 3 tins x400g
3 Tins of Very Finely Chopped Tomatoes in Tomato Juice
Pumpkin Puree (425g)
100% Pure & Natural American Pumpkin for Pies, Breads & Muffins
Chopped Chillies in White Wine Vinegar
Chopped Fresh Red Chillies - Ready to Add to Your Cooking
Chopped Garlic in White Wine Vinegar
Chopped Fresh Garlic - Ready to Add to Your Cooking
Chopped Ginger in White Wine Vinegar
Chopped Fresh Ginger - Ready to Add to Your Cooking
Clam Juice (Snow's) - 236ml
All natural - adds lots of flavour to seafood dishes