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Italian Biscuits & Cakes

Baci di Dama Italian Biscuits
Made with Ground Almonds & Hazelnuts, Sandwiched with Chocolate
Pistachio & Citron Cantucci (Biscotti)
Was £2.80, Best Before 1st December
Sapori Almond Cantuccini (Biscotti) from Tuscany
Italy's Favourite Brand of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini
Amaretti Biscuits
Classic Crunchy Italian Almond/Apricot Biscuits
Amaretti Morbidi del Chiostro (Soft)
Individually Wrapped in Colourful Paper
Panettone with  Pistachio Cream & Dark Chocolate (750g)
Filled with Pistachio Cream, Covered in Dark Chocolate & Chopped Pistachios
Limoncello Panettone (750g), Vergani
Artisan Made, Filled with seams of Limoncello Cream