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Italian Coffee, Tea, Drinking Chocolate & Pots

Our range of Italian coffees come from Kimbo, Segafredo and Saicaf as well as artisan Orzo Coffee and a range of thick and creamy hot chocolates from Perugina and Ciobar.

Plus to enjoy espresso at home we have a great value range of stove-top espresso pots including some that are suitable for induction hobs.

We also have a range of replacement filters and rubber seals for the traditional pots that tend to fit most makes of similar pots. As well as coffee making accessories. Everything you need to make the perfect coffee at home.
Milk Frother
2-Pack Kimbo Gusto di Napoli Coffee (2x250g)
Full-Bodied Flavour With Hints of Dark Chocolate & Spice
Lavazza Dek Decaffeinated Coffee - 250g
Enjoy Full-Bodied, Flavourful Coffee Without Caffeine
Kimbo Coffee Espresso Napoletano - 250g
Classic, traditional Neapolitan dark roast for an intense and full bodied coffee
2 Pack, Kimbo Coffee Macinato Fresco  (2x250g)
Medium-Roasted, Full-Bodied Coffee - Perfect Balance
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee - 250g
100% Arabica - Sweet & Round Flavour with a Delicious Scent
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee Pods
18 Individual Pods for a Creamy Espresso with Intense Aroma
Segafredo Espresso Casa Coffee Beans - 1kg
100% Arabica - Sweet & Round Flavour with a Delicious Scent
Saicaf Classico Italian Coffee (2x250g)
Popular Coffee from Southern Italy with a distinctive flavour and creaminess.
Saicaf Gran Crema Italian Coffee (2x250g)
Quality Coffee from Southern Italy. Robust but Mellow & Producing Dense Cream
2 Pack, Segafredo Intermezzo Coffee (2x250g)
Spicy, Full-Bodied Aroma & Excellent Richness
Segafredo Intermezzo Coffee Beans - 1kg
Spicy, full-bodied aroma and excellent richness
Ciobar Classico (Italian Drinking Chocolate) - 5 sachets
Italy's Favourite Brand of Thick, Creamy Drinking Chocolate