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Jams, Marmalades & Jellies

Fig Jam from Spain
Also Delicious with Cheese or Patés
Italian Lemon Jam
Jam Not Marmalade! Made with Whole Lemons
Italian Mandarin Orange Jam
Jam not Marmalade - made with Whole Mandarin Oranges
Italian Cherry Jam (Organic)
No added sugar
Italian Plum Jam (Organic)
No Added Sugar
Italian Apricot Jam (Organic)
Sweetened Only with Apple Juice
Italian Raspberry Jam (Organic)
Sweetened only with Apple Juice
Italian Wild Strawberry Jam (Organic)
Strawberries & Wild Strawberries Sweetened Only with Apple Juice
Italian Wild Blueberry Jam (Mirtilli Neri), Organic
Sweetened with Apple Juice Not Sugar
Welch's Concord Grape Jelly (American)
For an Authentic American PBJ Sandwich!
Dulce de Membrillo (Spanish Quince Paste), 8 Portions
In 8 Individually Wrapped Portions
Membrillo, Natural  (Spanish Quince Paste) - 400g
100% Natural: Simply Quince, Sugar & Lemon
Piment d'Espelette Jelly
From the Basque region of France. Perfect with Cheese, Pates or Foie Gras
Spanish Red Pepper Marmalade
Perfect with Cheese
Spanish Tomato Marmalade
Perfect with Cheese