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Middle Eastern, Persian & North African Food & Ingredients

Labneh in Oil (Goat's Milk)
Middle Eastern Cream Cheese made from Strained Goats' Milk Yoghurt
Turkish Pickled Hot Peppers (620g)
Turkish Peppers - Often Served with Kebabs
Makdous (Stuffed Aubergines)
Bite-size Aubergines Stuffed with Walnuts, Garlic & Peppers
Rose Petals, 30g (Edible for Cooking & Baking)
Edible Damask Rose Petals
Pink Rose Buds, 60g (Damask Rosebuds)
Edible for Cooking & Eating
Egyptian Rice (900g)
Traditional Middle Eastern Rice for Stuffing Vegetables & Vine Leaves
Mahlab 100g (Mahleb, Mahlepi, Mehlepi)
Adds Almond/Cherry/Rosewater Flavour to Your Baking
Dried Black Limes (100g)
Adds Aromatic, Sour-Citrus Flavour to Middle Eastern & Persian Cooking
Classic North African Sauce with Chilli, Herbs, Lemon & Garlic
Kibbeh (Kebbeh) Spice Mix - 100g
Spices & Rose Petal Mix for Seasoning Kibbeh
Kabsah (Kabsa, Kebsah) Spice Mix - 90g
For Making the Middle Eastern Rice Dish Kabsa
Falafel Spice (100g)
Aromatic Blend of Spices for Seasoning Falafel
Tahini (Sesame Paste, Tahina) - 454g
Finest Quality from Lebanon. Made from 100% Sesame Seeds
Baba Ganoush (Aubergine Dip) - 380g
Classic Middle Eastern Aubergine Dip. Made in the Middle East
Houmous (Tahini Dip) - 400g
Classic Chickpea & Sesame Dip - Made in the Middle East
Foul Medammas, Bajela - 400g (Fava, Broad Beans)
Middle Eastern Broad or Fava Bean
Sahlab Pudding Mix (Salep)
Classic Middle Eastern Hot Milk Drink/Pudding
Zhourat Lebnaniah Tea with Cinnamon
Relaxing Blend of Ginger, Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon Verbena & Camomile
Gunpowder Green Tea - 500g
Loose Leaf Green Tea from the Guangdong Province of China