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Nuts, Olives, Crisps & Snacks

Dutch Cheese Straws (Handmade with Butter)
Best Before 8th July Handmade in Holland with Butter & Emmental Cheese
Jolly Time American Popcorn Kernels - 850g
From the USA's Oldest Popcorn Company
Tortilla Chips 400g - Restaurant Style
Super Thin, Crunchy & Tasty. Usually Only Available for Restaurants
Bibanesi with Onion
A Tasty Venetian Snack
Bibanesi with Rosemary
A Tasty Venetian Snack
Mini Crepes with Boursin Cream, Gavottes
Crunchy, Buttery Biscuits with Creamy Garlic & Herb Filling
Mini Crepes with Pesto, Gavottes
Crunchy, Buttery Biscuits with Creamy Pesto Filling
Combos Buffalo Blue Cheese Pretzels
Pretzel Pieces with Creamy Buffalo Wing Cheese Filling.
Black Empeltre Olives from Aragon - 730g
Famous Spanish Olives with Distinctive Sweet/Nutty Flavour