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This traditional Italian Christmas Cake: rich buttery, sweet bread with dried and candied fruit no longer needs much introduction in the UK as Panettone has become as much a part of Christmas as our traditional fruit cakes and mince pies.

However most panettone available in the UK is mass-produced and often dry and of inferior quality, whereas we have a selection from Vergani, Tre Marie, Vincente & Muzzi all long established artisan producers who use traditional methods including slow proving of the yeast dough and finest quality ingredients. Plus for those looking for something different we have: a Veneziane Panettone with crystallised citrus peel and almonds instead of the more traditional raisins, a panettone with Marron Glace (candied chestnuts) plus Pandoro (plain cake without fruit) with Pistachio Cream & Chocolate (made from Sicilian Bronte Pistachios) or Limoncello Cream.
Panettone with Fabbri Cherries (1kg), Muzzi
Artisan Panettone from Umbria
Tre Marie Milanese Panettone - 1kg
Arriving Soon - Baking in Milan since the 12th Century!
Etoile Traditional Panettone (1kg), Vergani
Arriving Soon - Made with Charentes Butter, Acacia Honey, Raisins & Sicilian Orange Peel
Vergani Classic Artisan Panettone (750g)
Arriving Soon - Classic, Artisan-Made Milanese Panettone
Vergani Classic Artisan Panettone (500g)
Arriving Soon - Traditional Artisan-Made Milanese Panettone
Vergani Veneziana Panettone (720g)
Arriving Soon - With Candied Peel & Almonds, No Raisins or Dried Fruit!
Tre Marie Pandoro (Italian Christmas Cake)
Arriving Soon - Baking in Milan since the 12th Century!
Tre Marie Panettone with Crema Pasticcera & Chocolate
Arriving Soon - With Seams of Pastry Cream, Coated in Dark Chocolate & Nibs of Meringue.
Panettone with  Pistachio Cream & Dark Chocolate (750g)
Arriving Soon - Filled with Pistachio Cream, Covered in Dark Chocolate & Chopped Pistachios
Panettone with Sicilian Pistachios, Chocolate & Peach (750g)
Arriving Soon - Sicilian Panettone with Pistachios, Chocolate Drops & Candied Peach
Panettone with Marrons Glaces (750g)
Arriving Soon - Large Artisan Panettone With Candied Chestnuts
Limoncello Panettone (750g), Vergani
Arriving Soon - Artisan Made, Filled with seams of Limoncello Cream