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This traditional Italian Christmas Cake: rich buttery, sweet bread with dried and candied fruit no longer needs much introduction in the UK as Panettone has become as much a part of Christmas as our traditional fruit cakes and mince pies.

However most panettone available in the UK is mass-produced and often dry and of inferior quality, whereas we have a selection from Vergani, Tre Marie, Vincente & Muzzi all long established artisan producers who use traditional methods including slow proving of the yeast dough and finest quality ingredients. Plus for those looking for something different we have: a Veneziane Panettone with crystallised citrus peel and almonds instead of the more traditional raisins, a panettone with Marron Glace (candied chestnuts) plus Pandoro (plain cake without fruit) with Pistachio Cream & Chocolate (made from Sicilian Bronte Pistachios) or Limoncello Cream.
Tre Marie Pandoro (Italian Christmas Cake)
Baking in Milan since the 12th Century!
Etoile Traditional Panettone (1kg), Vergani
Made with Charentes Butter, Acacia Honey, Raisins & Sicilian Orange Peel
Tre Marie Milanese Panettone - 1kg
Baking in Milan since the 12th Century!
Vergani Classic Artisan Panettone (750g)
Classic, Artisan-Made Milanese Panettone
Vergani Classic Artisan Panettone (500g)
Traditional Artisan-Made Milanese Panettone
Vergani Veneziana Panettone (720g)
With Candied Peel & Almonds - No Raisins or Dried Fruit!
Sicilian Panettone with Figs, Raisins, Walnuts & Malvasia Wine (750g)
Sicilian Panettone with Wine Soaked Figs & Raisins, Topped with Icing & Walnuts
Tre Marie Panettone with Crema Pasticcera & Chocolate
With Seams of Pastry Cream, Coated in Dark Chocolate & Nibs of Meringue.
Panettone with Fabbri Cherries (1kg), Muzzi
Artisan Panettone from Umbria
Panettone with Marron Glace (750g)
Large Artisan Panettone With Candied Chestnuts
Limoncello Panettone (750g), Vergani
Artisan Made, Filled with seams of Limoncello Cream
Panettone with  Pistachio Cream & Dark Chocolate (750g)
Filled with Pistachio Cream, Covered in Dark Chocolate & Chopped Pistachios
Panettone with Sicilian Pistachios, Chocolate & Peach (750g)
Sicilian Panettone with Pistachios, Chocolate Drops & Candied Peach