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Pasta & Polenta

Polenta Bramata (Cornmeal) - 1kg
For Baking Corn Breads, Muffins, Polenta Cakes and Slow-Cooked Polenta
Instant Quick Cook Polenta - 500g
Ready in 1 Minute!
Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms from Umbria
Premium Quality from an Artisan Producer in Umbria
Fideua Noodles - 500g
Spanish pasta for making Catalan Fideua
Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti
Famous for always being Al Dente
Bucatini Pasta - 500g
Long, hollow spaghetti-like pasta
Tuscan Pici Pasta (500g)
Thick Hand-Rolled Spaghetti-like Strands of Pasta
Rummo Spaghetti - 500g
Famous for always being Al Dente
Rummo Spaghettini (No.2) - 500g
Famous for always being Al Dente
Pizzoccheri della Valtellina - 500g
Traditional buckwheat pasta from the Alpine region of Italy
Rummo Pappardelle Pasta
Wide Ribbons of Pasta with Egg
Truffle Tagliatelle
Premium Quality from one of Acqualagna's Finest Truffle Producers
Spinach Tagliolini Pasta
Fine Ribbons of Naturally Green Pasta
Strangozzi Pasta, De Cecco - 500g
Thick and Chewy "Shoe Laces" of Pasta
Rummo Conchiglioni Pasta Shells (500g)
Large shells, perfect for stuffing
Lumaconi Pasta (Giant Shells)    - 500g
Giant Pasta Shells - Perfect for Stuffing. Artisan, Bronze-Drawn Pasta
Pennoni Pasta No. 251, Cara Nonna - 500g
Large Pasta Tubes, try stuffing and serving with a sauce
Maccheroni Arrotolati  (500g)
Coil Shaped Tubes of Bronze Drawn Pasta
Amorelli Pasta all'Uovo - 500g
Naturally multi-coloured rolled & twisted pieces of pasta
Capricci all'Ortolana Pasta, Cara Nonna - 500g
Naturally multi-coloured rolled & twisted pieces of pasta
Calamarati Pasta - 500g
Wide rings of pasta that resemble calamari
Rummo Fusillotti (No. 155) - 500g
Shorter and Chunkier Spirals than Fusilli
Rummo Mezze Penne Rigate (No. 28) - 500g
Shorter Ridged Penne
Rummo Penne Rigate (No. 66) - 500g
Ridged Tubes of Pasta