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Pizzoccheri della Valtellina - 500g
Traditional Buckwheat Pasta from the Alpine Region of Italy
Seppia Maccheroncini (Black Squid Ink Pasta) - 250g
Black Squid Ink Macaroni Pasta Tubes
Seppia Tonnarelli (Black Squid Ink Pasta Ribbons) - 500g
Ribbons of Black Squid ink Pasta
Truffle Tagliatelle
Premium Quality from one of Acqualagna's Finest Truffle Producers
Tuscan Pici Pasta (500g)
Thick Hand-Rolled Spaghetti-like Strands of Pasta
Bucatini Pasta - 500g
Long, hollow spaghetti-like pasta
Rummo Conchiglioni Pasta Shells (500g)
Large shells, perfect for stuffing
Pennoni Pasta (Large Tubes) - 500g
Large Pasta Tubes, try stuffing and serving with a sauce
Maccheroni Arrotolati  (500g)
Coil Shaped Tubes of Bronze Drawn Pasta
Strangozzi Pasta, De Cecco - 500g
Thick and Chewy "Shoe Laces" of Pasta
Rummo Pappardelle Pasta
Wide Ribbons of Pasta with Egg
Rummo Fettucce Pasta (Fettuccine) - 500g
Famous for always being Al Dente
Spinach Tagliolini Pasta
Fine Ribbons of Naturally Green Pasta
Rummo Fusillotti (No. 155) - 500g
Shorter and Chunkier Spirals than Fusilli
Rummo Spaghettini (No.2) - 500g
Famous for always being Al Dente
Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti
Famous for Always Being Al Dente
Rummo Mezze Penne Rigate (No. 28) - 500g
Shorter Ridged Penne
Rummo Penne Rigate (No. 66) - 500g
Ridged Tubes of Pasta