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Rummo Potato Gnocchi (500g)
Classic Italian Potato Dumplings
Stelline Pasta (Stars), Rummo - 500g
Tiny Pasta Stars, Perfect for Small Children or Add to Soup
Anellini Pasta (Hoops) - 500g
Small Pasta Hoops, Rings
Rummo Anelli Siciliana Pasta (500g)
Pasta Hoops or Rings
Orecchiette Pasta, 500g (Armonie)
Artisan Made, Bronze Drawn Pasta
Cavatelli Pasta, 500g (Armonie)
Artisan Made, Bronze Drawn Pasta
Trofie Pasta, 500g (Armonie)
Artisan Made, Bronze Drawn, Classic Pasta Shape from Liguria
Tuscan Pici Pasta (500g)
Thick Hand-Rolled Spaghetti-like Strands of Pasta
Rummo  Mafaldine Pasta  (500g)
Long Ribbons of Pasta That Are Wavy Along Both Edges
Rummo Tripoline Pasta, No. 81 (500g)
Long Ribbons of Pasta That Are Wavy Along One Edge
Bucatini Pasta - 500g
Long, Hollow Spaghetti-like Pasta
Rummo Tubetti Regina Pasta, No.29  (500g)
Small Tubes of Pasta
Rummo Lumachine Pasta, No.39  (500g)
Pasta Shaped Like Small Snail Shells
Rummo Orzo Pasta (500g)
Pasta the Size & Shape of a Grain of Rice
Rummo Calamarata Pasta (500g)
Wide rings of pasta that resemble calamari
Rummo Conchiglie Pasta Shells (500g)
Ridged Pasta Shells
Rummo Conchiglioni Rigate Pasta Shells (500g)
Large Shells, Perfect for Stuffing
Radiatori Pasta (500g)
Short Pieces of Pasta with Ruffled Edges Like Radiator Fins
Amorelli Pasta all'Uovo (500g)
Naturally Multi-Coloured Rolled & Twisted Pieces of Pasta
Rummo Capelli D'Angelo (Angel Hair Pasta) - 500g
The Finest Cut of Pasta, just 1mm thick
Zita Pasta - 500g (Ziti, Zite)
Long, Narrow Hollow Tubes of Pasta
Rummo Gramigna Pasta (500g)
Curled, Short Tubes - Typical of Emilia-Romagna
Rummo Linguine Pasta - 500g
3.3mm Wide Ribbons of Pasta
Rummo Pappardelle all'Uovo Pasta (No. 101)
Long Ribbons of 15mm Wide Pasta Enriched With Egg
Rummo Paglia e Fieno Tagliatelle
6mm Wide Ribbon of Yellow & Green Tagliatelle Pasta
Rummo Tagliatelle all'Uovo Pasta
6mm Wide Ribbons of Pasta Enriched with Egg
Rummo Tagliolini all'Uovo Pasta
0.7mm Wide Very Fine Ribbons of Pasta Enriched With Egg
Fusilli Venere (Scotti)
Spirals of Black Pasta
Rummo Fusillotti (No. 155) - 500g
Shorter & Chunkier Spirals than Fusilli
Rummo Spaghetti - 500g
Famous For Always Being Al Dente - 1.9mm thick
Rummo Capellini Pasta (No.1) - 500g
Fine Strands of Pasta - 1.25mm thick
Rummo Spaghettini (No.2) - 500g
Finer Strands than Regular Spaghetti - 1.75mm thick
Rummo Spaghetti alla Chitarra (Tonnarelli, Quadrati Pasta) - 500g
2.05mm Wide Ribbons of Pasta, (Tonnarelli) - Perfect for Cacio e Pepe
Rummo Zite Pasta (No. 10) - 500g
26cm Long Thin Tubes of Pasta
Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti
Famous for Always Being Al Dente
Rummo Spaghetti Grossi (No.5)  Pasta - 500g
Thicker than Regular Spaghetti - 2.05mm diameter
Rummo Tubetti Zita Pasta (500g)
Little Elbows of Ridged Pasta
Rummo Gomiti Rigate Pasta (500g)
Little Elbows of Ridged Pasta
Rummo Mezze Penne Rigate (No. 28) - 500g
Shorter Ridged Penne
Rummo Penne Candela, No.77 (500g)
Larger & Wider than Regular Penne so Holds Lots of Sauce Inside
Rummo Penne Rigate (No. 66) - 500g
Ridged Tubes of Pasta
Rummo Pennette Rigate (No. 70) - 500g
Thin Ridged Tubes of Pasta - Narrower Than Regular Penne Rigate
Rummo Gluten Free Penne Rigate
Ridged Penne
Rummo Penne Lisce (No.59) Pasta - 500g
Short, Smooth Tubes of Pasta
Rummo Penne Mezzane (No.58) Pasta - 500g
Smooth Tubes of Pasta, 4cm long