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Partridge Pate, Spanish
Smooth, Lightly Gamey, Artisan-Made
Venison Pate, Spanish
Rich & Delicate, Artisan Made
Wild Boar Pate, Spanish
Smooth, Meaty with a Touch of Thyme. Artisan-Made
Nduja from Calabria - 180g
Calabrian Speciality - Soft, Spreadable Spicy Sausage
Nduja, Fresh - approx 400g
Calabrian Speciality - Soft, Spreadable Spicy Sausage
Pork Rillettes from France
French Shredded, Preserved Pork Meat
Pain d'Epices (Honey Spice Cake from France)
Classic French Cake with Honey & Spices
Piment d'Espelette Jelly
From the Basque region of France. Perfect with Cheese, Pates or Foie Gras
Calabrian Spicy Black Olive Paste (Tapenade)
Black Olive with olive oil, garlic, chilli and herbs
Calabrian Bomba Regina
Spicy chilli, mushroom, pepper, aubergine, artichoke and garlic spread
Calabrian Pate di Peperoncini
Calabrian spicy chilli mix for spreading on bruschetta or pizza
Fig Jam from Spain
Also Delicious with Cheese or Patés