Temporary Special Offers and also Clearance items i.e. end of line, seasonal items, short-dated or past their "best before" date, and remember "best before" is not the same as "use by". Items are typically in almost perfect condition for 3-4 months (if not longer) after a fairly arbitrary "best before" date.

Very limited stock of each and when they are gone they are gone so grab a bargain while you can!

Italian Chocolate Log (Tronco di Natale) - 750g
Large Chocolate Log Made with Panettone Dough filled with Hazelnut Cream & Covered with Chocolate
Tre Marie Classic Milanese Panettone (750g)
Classic Panettone - Tre Marie Have Been Baking in Milan since the 12th Century!
Panettone with Chocolate, in a Tin (750g), Vergani
Artisan-Made Italian Panettone with Chocolate Drops
Salted Caramel Panettone (750g), Vergani
With Pieces of Soft Salted Caramel and White Chocolate
Amaretti Panettone (750g), Vergani
With Orange Peel & Raisins, Topped with Almond Glaze & Crushed Amaretti
Panettone with Marrons Glaces (750g)
Large Artisan Panettone Studded With Pieces of Candied Chestnuts
Dark Chocolate Coated Soft Gingerbread Biscuits (Lebkuchen-style from Poland)
Soft Spiced Gingerbread Biscuits Coated in Dark Chocolate
Iced Gingerbread Hearts (Lebkuchen-style Biscuits from Poland)
Soft Gingerbread Biscuits With a Crisp Icing Coating
Bocconcini Cuore di Lampone (Italian Raspberry Biscuits)
Glazed Puff Pastry Biscuits with Raspberry Fruit Filling
Stem Ginger in Syrup, Epicure
Was £3.25, Best Before End Feb
Asparagus Cream from Italy
Serve with meat, stir into pasta or risotto, or use for canapes
Tin of Assorted Italian Biscuits (Vicenzi) - 500g
Was £10.55, Best Before End Feb
Torta de Aceite with Rosemary (Spanish Olive Oil Biscuits)
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp Spanish Biscuits with Rosemary
Salsa Casera from Mexico (Herdez)
The Bestseller from Mexico's No.1 Brand of Salsa
Ortiz Salted Anchovy Fillets
Best Before End Feb
Colussi Zuppalatte Biscuits - 250g
One of Italy's Favourite Biscuits
Italian Manitoba Flour, Strong Bread Tipo '0' (1kg)
For Breads, Panettone & Other Slow Rising Doughs.
Bucatini Pasta - 500g
Long, Hollow Spaghetti-like Pasta