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Sale & Special Offers

Temporary Special Offers and also Clearance items i.e. end of line, seasonal items, short-dated or past their "best before" date, and remember "best before" is not the same as "use by". Items are typically in almost perfect condition for 3-4 months (if not longer) after a fairly arbitrary "best before" date.

Very limited stock of each and when they are gone they are gone so grab a bargain while you can!

Amaretti Morbidi del Chiostro (Soft)
Was £6.99 - Individually Wrapped in Colourful Paper
Torta di Cecco, Sapori di Siena (380g)
Classic Tuscan Treat - Similar to Panforte but Covered in Dark Chocolate
Grisbi Chocolate Biscuits
Was £2.75
Polenta with Porcini Mushrooms from Umbria
Premium Quality from an Artisan Producer in Umbria