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Chimichurri (Epicure)
Classic South American Herb Sauce
Salsa Verde 475g - La Costena Green Mexican Sauce
Large Bottle. Mild & Tasty with Jalapenos & Tomatillos
Salsa Verde 210g - Herdez Green Mexican Sauce
Milder & Tasty with Jalapenos, Serranos & Tomatillos.
Pico de Gallo, Mexican Salsa
Made in Mexico - Mild & Tasty with Jalapenos & Green Tomatillos
Red Mexican Salsa, La Costena, 250g (Homestyle)
Real Taco Sauce, Imported from Mexico, Medium-Spiced,
Ranchera Salsa from Mexico - La Costena
Smoky Medium Spicy, Chunky Salsa with Tomatoes & Chillies
Salsa Taquera (Mexican Taco Sauce), Herdez
Real Mexican Taco Sauce - Taste the Difference!
Valentina Salsa Muy Picante, Black Label (Mexican Sauce) - 370ml
Extra Hot! The Best-Selling Brand of Hot Sauce in Mexico
Tamazula Extra Hot Chilli Sauce from Mexico
Very Hot but Full of Flavour! Best-Selling Brand in Mexico
Tamazula Hot Chilli Sauce from Mexico
Hot but Full of Flavour! Best-selling Brand in Mexico
Valentina  Salsa Picante, Yellow Label (Mexican Sauce) - 370ml or 1 litre
From: £1.99
The best-selling Brand of Hot Sauce in Mexico
Tajin Chamoy (Mexican Fruit Hot Sauce)
Mild, Fruity Chilli & Lime Salsa from Mexico
Chipotle Mexican Salsa, La Costena
Medium-Spice with Smoky Chipotles. Made in Mexico