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Nordur Arctic Sea Salt Flakes
Made in Iceland using using Geothermal Energy & the Arctic Ocean
Flor de Sal de Ibiza
The Very Finest, Rare Salt
Maldon Sea Salt - 250g
Soft White Flaky Crystals of English Sea Salt
Maldon Smoked Sea Salt
Cold-Smoked Pure English Sea Salt Crystals
Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt (1.36kg, 3 lb)
Unique Texture - Favourite with American Chefs
Sal Celusal Entrefina (Argentinian Grilling Salt) - 1kg
For Barbecued Seafood & Meats
Coarse Sea Salt 1kg (Italian, Pure, For Grinder)
Great value, Pure Italian Sea Salt - no additives
Fine Sea Salt, 1kg (Italian, Pure)
Great Value Pure Italian Sea Salt, No Additives