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Spanish Meats

Serrano Ham from Girona, Sliced - 100g
Delicious - cured for 9 months for flavour and texture
Salchichon Iberico Bellota (Jabugo) - 150g, Whole
Superb quality Spanish Salami made from Jabugo Iberico Bellota Ham
Partridge Pate
Smooth & lightly gamey, artisan made
Venison Pate
Rich & delicate artisan made
Wild Boar Pate
Smooth, meaty with a touch of thyme, artisan made
Chorizo Iberico Bellota (Jabugo) - 150g, Whole
Artisan Chorizo made with Iberico Bellota Pork, Ready to Eat
Spanish Chorizo for Cooking (Raw) - pack of 6
Superb quality, lightly spiced (picante)
Sobrasada, Premium Quality Iberico Bellota  - 300g
Made by one of Spain's top Jamon Iberico producers
American-Style Smoked Bacon
Same recipe, same producer just a change of brand name from "Oscar Mayer"