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Sweet Biscuits

Mantecados y Polvorones 600g (Spanish Christmas Biscuits)
Classic Spanish Christmas Biscuits
German Oblaten Lebkuchen, Assorted
Large Lebkuchen - Top Quality from a 400-Year Old Nuremburg Bakery
Nilla Wafers (Nabisco), American
Classic American Vanilla Sugar Cookies NOT like UK "Wafers"
Spanish Churros (Pre-Cooked & Frozen), Pack of 12
Enjoy Freshly Made Churros in Minutes - Oven Bake, No Frying!
Torta de Aceite with Almonds (Sweet Spanish Biscuits)
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp Sweet Biscuits with chopped Almonds & hint of Aniseed
Torta de Aceite (Sweet Spanish Aniseed Biscuits) - pack of 6
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp, Sweet Biscuits with a hint of Aniseed
Orange Torta de Aceite (Spanish Biscuits)
Thin, Crisp with a Subtle Orange Flavour & Caramelised Finish
Nyakers Swedish Ginger Snap Hearts (Pepparkakor), Tin - 400g
Was £7.55, Best Before 11th February
Sapori Almond Cantuccini (Biscotti) from Tuscany
Italy's Favourite Brand of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini
Pistachio & Citron Cantucci (Biscotti)
Italy's Favourite Brand of Tuscan Almond Cantuccini
Italian Biscuits & Cakes from Siena, Sapori
Was £9.45 Selection of Traditional Italian Cakes and Pastries
Brutti e Buoni, Tuscan Hazelnut & Almond Biscuits
Classic Tuscan Crunchy Hazelnut & Almond Biscuits
Baci di Dama Italian Biscuits
Made with Ground Almonds & Hazelnuts, sandwiched with Chocolate
Amaretti Biscuits - 200g
Classic Italian Almond/Apricot biscuits
Mini Amaretti Biscuits (Amarettino, Ratafias) - 100g
Very Small Amaretti, perfect for decorating cakes & desserts
Graham Crackers, Honey Maid - 410g (American)
Bit Like Digestives But Thinner & Crisper
Lazzaroni Amoretti (Gluten-Free)
Almond, Hazelnut & Chocolate Gluten-free Biscuits from this Famous Italian Producer
Colussi Zuppalatte (Caffelatte) Biscuits - 250g
One of Italy's favourite biscuits
Colussi Gran Turchese - 400g
Big Pack of one of Italy's favourite biscuits