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Sweet Things

Amatller Dark Chocolate Leaves with Flor de Sal in Tin
Premium Quality with a hint of Sea Salt from Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Amatllons - Caramelised Chocolate Marcona Almonds from Spain
Toasted & Caramelised Marcona Almonds in Thick Chocolate. Iconic Barcelona Chocolatier since 1797
Rabitos Royale Chocolate Truffle Figs - box of 8
Chocolate Coated & Brandy Truffle Filled Figs - Delicious!
Cigarrillo Biscuits
Thin, Crisp, Buttery Rolled Biscuits from Spain
Torta de Aceite (Sweet Spanish Aniseed Biscuits)
Large Wafer-Thin, Crisp, Sweet Biscuits with a hint of Aniseed
El Barco Delice Spanish Drinking Chocolate (450g)
Traditional Spanish Hot Chocolate Powder with Cinnamon & Vanilla
Gullon Creme Cannella  (Spanish Cinnamon Biscuits) - 470g
Thin, Crisp, Buttery Cinnamon Biscuits from Spain
Petit Tostada, Gullon
Popular Biscuits from Spain
Spanish Fig, Almond & Orange Wheel  - 200g
Enjoy with Cheese, Tapas & Charcuterie
Dulce de Membrillo (Spanish Quince Paste), 8 Portions
In 8 Individually Wrapped Portions
Membrillo, Natural  (Spanish Quince Paste) - 400g
100% Natural: Simply Quince, Sugar & Lemon