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Sweet Things

Limoncello Babas from Italy
Small Cakes Soaked in Limoncello Liqueur from Naples
Rum Babas from Italy
Small Cakes Soaked in Rum from Naples
Italian Pistachio Chocolate Truffles
Family-Run Artisan Chocolate Company since 1885
Italian Pistachio Pralines
Dark Chocolates with Creamy Pistachio Filling from One of Italy's Finest Chocolatiers
Caffarel Milk Chocolate Gianduia (Gianduja) Pralines
Melt in the mouth Italian Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines
Milk Chocolate Gianduia (Gianduja) Pralines 1kg, Vergani
Melt in the mouth Italian Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Pralines
Italian Chocolate Pralines, Caffarel
Large Selection of Italian Chocolate Pralines from one of Italy's Finest Chocolatiers
Mixed Chocolate Dragees from Italy (Davide Barbero)
Premium Chocolate Covered Hazeluts, Almonds, Coffee Beans, Rasisins & Orange Peel
Perugina Rossana (Italian Almond & Hazelnut Sweets)
One Of The Most Famous Italian Sweets, Since 1926
Italian Liquorice (Licorice) Sweets, Saila - pack of 2
Italy's Favourite Brand of Liquorice since 1937
Limoncello Chocolates, Caffarel
Made by Caffarel One of Italy's Oldest & Finest Chocolatiers
Balsamic Glaze or Cream, 250g or 500g
From: £3.55
Use for Marinating, Finishing or Dressing Fruits & Vegetables.
Fig Balsamic Glaze, Cream
Drizzle Over Cheese or Asparagus, Red Meat or Salads or Over Ice Cream.
Dark & White Chocolate Figs from Calabria
Artisan Chocolate Figs from Calabria in Italy
Chocolate & Fig "Salami" from Italy
Artisan Sweet "Salami" with Figs, Dark Chocolate, Rum & Orange Zest.
Gianduia Chocolate Truffle "Salami" from Italy
Made With Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduia & Chips of Nougat
Candied Figs in Chocolate  from Calabria
Artisan Candied Figs in Dark Chocolate from Calabria, Italy